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Personal Injury

Whether in a car accident, due to product failure or even due to a trip and fall hazard, a serious injury can leave you with ongoing medical problems, emotional trauma and a long list of bills. If the injury you suffer occurs because of someone else's action or inaction, you may be due compensation for your injuries.

Auto Accidents

Attorney Gregg R. Weiss has been offering the services of an auto accident attorney in Miami for over 14 years. He knows how to make sure that insurance companies hold up their end of the bargain, and will even go to court if necessary to get you adequate compensation.

Wrongful Death

When someone you love is killed unexpectedly, your world is turned upside down. It's often difficult to think about the next step as you are mourning the loss of someone you love. Yet, if the death occurred because of the actions or inaction of another party, you may be due compensation to help you deal with the lost wages and presence of the one who was killed.

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